Visit Genesis City in MintWorld, the standout web3 2D Monster Catcher RPG! A testament to our dedicated team and the unwavering support of our vibrant community. Dive in for an unparalleled gaming experience.

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Game Features

Play & Earn

  • Free-2-Play forever
  • Burndrops of $MWG for claimed Free NFT Monsters
  • Level up your NFT Monsters by playing or buying items
  • Trade your NFT monsters and earn according to rarity (shiny vs common) & Level reached
  • Play v0


  • Multiple City-specific DAOs and Land NFT Management
  • Community voting on the game's story, 2nd layer rules & mechanics:
    (e.g royalties %, spawn rates & items rarity, items & rental costs, city taxes, elect mayors, & much more...)
  • Open source “Mod” development
  • Land dNFTs value accrual
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    Next Level NFT Tech

  • Dynamic NFTs (dNFTs) - Monster NFT Levels & Land NFT Ranks updating in the NFT metadata
  • 100% Onchain logics
  • No 3rd party involved in minting process & game dynamics
  • Fair & Tamper-Proof randomness allocation
  • Trustless NFT Lending (Land NFTs)
  • Fiat Payment gateway (coming soon)
  • Cross-game interoperability (coming soon)
  • Google Play version (Alpha released)
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    Genesis NFT Landsale

    Genesis City Land NFTs Coming Soon... Be early.